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How do you completely remove Ionic and Cordova installation from Ubuntu?

How do I remove Cordova and ionic 1 and its dependency from my Ubuntu completely?. How to reinstall all again?

To install my ionic and its dependency i use this blog

I tried

npm uninstall -g cordova ionic
but it is not working

I am getting this two error

npm WARN uninstall not installed in /home/gopi/node_modules: "cordova"
npm WARN uninstall not installed in /home/gopi/node_modules: "ionic"

Answer Source

The error actually says that your syntax is wrong for the command. Better try the commands individually:

For ionic:

$ npm cache clear
$ npm uninstall ionic

it should work as in:

For Cordova, the command :

sudo npm uninstall cordova -g

Please note : The -g is after.


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