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Launch new emulators without the need of Android Studio

Going through this documentation here there is the following statement:

This tool is no longer supported. Instead use Android Studio to create
AVDs and create projects, or use sdkmanager to view and install SDK
packages from the command line.

So a question was arised. Is there a way to launch those new emulators (possibly via command line) without having to enter Android Studio and then selecting the AVD Manager menu from there?

Answer Source

You can control your Emulator and it's appearance or behavior using below syntax through the command-line.

Here's your emulator ${PATH_OF_YOUR_ANDROID_SDK}/tools/emulator

 emulator -avd <avd_name> [-<option> [<value>]] ... [-<qemu args>]

 emulator -list-avds

Launch the emulator:

emulator -avd yourEmulatorName 

For ex : emulator -avd Nexus_6_API_25

See this link to control the Emulator from the command-line.

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