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Javascript parsing int64

How can I convert a long integer (as a string) to a numerical format in Javascript without javascript rounding it?

var ThisInt = '9223372036854775808'
alert(ThisInt+'\r' +parseFloat(ThisInt).toString()+'\r' +parseInt(ThisInt).toString());

I need to perform an addition on it before casting it back as a string & would prefer not to have to slice it two if at all possible.

Answer Source

All numbers in Javascript are 64 bit "double" precision IEE754 floating point.

The largest positive whole number that can therefore be accurately represented is 2^53. The remaining bits are reserved for the exponent.

Your number is exactly 1024 times larger than that, so loses 3 decimal digits of precision. It simply cannot be represented any more accurately.

One can use Number.isSafeInteger( # ) to test for overflow:

var ThisInt = '9223372036854775808'; 
console.log( Number.isSafeInteger( parseInt( ThisInt ) ) );

There is a BigInteger library available which should be able to help, though, and avoid you having to do all the string and bit twiddling yourself.

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