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Can't find file templates for Source Signing in Xcode 4.2

In my Xcode 4.2 project, I've created an Ad Hoc configuration and want to add the code signing entitlements file to the project, which is usually named Entitlements.plist.

In the past, I create this by selecting a folder in the project tree on the left, then context clicking, selecting "New File...". In the dialog that comes up there's usually a "Code Signing" entry in the iOS tree of the left -- but it's missing now.

The items that are there are as follows:

Cocoa Touch
C and C++
User Interface
Core Data

I've googled for a solution, and searched on Stackoverflow, but not turned up an answer.

I know that I could create an empty plist manually, and just put in the usual default data which is findable on the web somewhere, but it's bothering me that I can't find the usual thing.

Answer Source

Although I can't find out an actual reference saying that the code signing entitlements template isn't there any more by design, I have found a reference stating entitlements are not needed:

So I'm assuming it's by design in newer versions of XCode.

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