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JSON Question

How to prevent app from crashing in case JSON answer is empty?

I have a API call which sometimes returns empty because there are no data in the DB. In such a case, the app crashes with the following error message.

Could not cast value of type 'NSTaggedPointerString' (0x108156ae8) to 'NSArray' (0x108156b88).

How can I prevent the app from crashing in case the JSON object is empty?

This is the class:

restApi.getAllNonAcademicSchools(self.shareData.token_type, accessToken: self.shareData.access_token, countryISOcode: self.shareData.studyLocationISOcode) {responseObject, error in
// use responseObject and error here

//create custom session with auth header / token from REST API for getting images
let sessionConfig = NSURLSessionConfiguration.defaultSessionConfiguration()

//Get the access token here and create HTTP header used for auth
let xHTTPAdditionalHeaders: [String : String] = ["Authorization" : self.shareData.token_type + " " + self.shareData.access_token]

sessionConfig.HTTPAdditionalHeaders = xHTTPAdditionalHeaders
self.imageDownloader = ImageDownloader(
configuration: sessionConfig,
downloadPrioritization: .LIFO,
maximumActiveDownloads: 4,
imageCache: AutoPurgingImageCache()
print("imageDownloader object created")
print("print the json data from api ")
self.items = NSDictionary(dictionary: responseObject! as! [NSObject : AnyObject])

//access the inner array from the json answer called result

self.resultList = self.items["result"] as! [[String:
AnyObject]] //This is the line which causes the error

self.tableView!.reloadData() // reload tableview when result comes back from async call


If data is available in the DB, everything works fine.

If data is in the DB, the following JSON response is being returned and everything works fine:

address = "Modern Mansion, Xiangyang South Rd, Bldg. A, 9th Floor, Room 910, Shanghai";
city = Shanghai;
"cou_id" = CN;
environment = L;
image = "LTL_Mandarin_Shanghai_3.jpeg";
name = "LTL Mandarin School";
rating = 0;
"sco_id" = 26;
"sco_type" = LS;

Answer Source

You can use if let or guard for Optional wrapping instead of force wrapping for that.

Using if let

if let response = self.items["result"] as? [[String: AnyObject]] {
    self.resultList = response

Using guard

guard let response = self.items["result"] as? [[String: AnyObject]] else {
self.resultList = response
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