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Retrieving the Request Payload values from a HTTPRequest in c#

I am attempting to implement my own LRS for saving TinCanAPI statements and in order to do this I need to retrieve the values sent in the Request Payload which stores the details of the learning activity statement.
When viewing my WebAPI call in developer tools I can see the required values but I have been unable to find them using the Request object.

How Can I retrieve the Request Payload variables from the Request object? I have tried the request object and looked in the Content and Properties fields but I cannot seem to see a Request Payload property to reference in C#. My payload looks as follows:

"id": "d3d9aa2a-5f20-4303-84c3-1f6f5b4e9236",
"timestamp": "2014-06-26T11:00:41.432Z",
"actor": {
"objectType": "Agent",
"mbox": "mailto:name@company.com",
"name": "My Name"
"verb": {
"id": "http://adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/attempted",
"display": {
"und": "attempted"
"context": {
"extensions": {
"http://tincanapi.com/JsTetris_TCAPI/gameId": "5686f104-3301-459d-9487-f84af3b3915c"
"contextActivities": {
"grouping": [
"id": "http://tincanapi.com/JsTetris_TCAPI",
"objectType": "Activity"
"object": {
"id": "http://tincanapi.com/JsTetris_TCAPI",
"objectType": "Activity",
"definition": {
"type": "http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/media",
"name": {
"en-US": "Js Tetris - Tin Can Prototype"
"description": {
"en-US": "A game of tetris."

I have tried using:

var test1 = Request.ToString(); **EMPTY STRING**

var test1 = Request.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result; **EMPTY STRING**

var test2 = Request.Content.ReadAsFormDataAsync().Result; **THROWS FORMATTER ERROR DESPITE config.Formatters.JsonFormatter.SupportedMediaTypes.Add(new MediaTypeHeaderValue("application/json")); added in the webapiconfig.cs

Jay Jay
Answer Source

I was able to retrieve the sent statement values by changing my WebAPI controller as follows:

public void Put([FromBody]TinCan.Statement statement)
   var actor = statement.actor;
   var context = statement.context;
   var target = statement.target;
   var timestamp = statement.timestamp;
   var verb = statement.verb;

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