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Python Question

Double Iteration in List Comprehension

In Python you can have multiple iterators in a list comprehension, like

[(x,y) for x in a for y in b]

for some suitable sequences a and b. I'm aware of the nested loop semantics of Python's list comprehensions.

My question is: Can one iterator in the comprehension refer to the other? In other words: Could I have something like this:

[x for x in a for a in b]

where the current value of the outer loop is the iterator of the inner?

As an example, if I have a nested list:


what would the list comprehension expression be to achieve this result:


?? (Please only list comprehension answers, since this is what I want to find out).

Answer Source

Gee, I guess I found the anwser: I was not taking care enough about which loop is inner and which is outer. The list comprehension should be like:

[x for b in a for x in b]

to get the desired result, and yes, one current value can be the iterator for the next loop :-). Sorry for the noise.

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