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React JSX Question

JavaScript Creating array in object and push data to the array

I'm new to programming. I'm trying React and have function addComment which is executed when a user adds a comment to news.I need to create in this moment a property comments (array) and assign or push to this array inputCommentValue value. But right now I only rewrite 0 element of the array and can't add a new element.
Can you please tell me where to put push method? Thank you!

var ARTICLES = [{
title: "sit amet erat",
text: "nam dui proin leo odio porttitor id consequat in consequat ut nulla sed accumsan"

}, {
title: "pulvinar sed",
text: "velit id pretium iaculis diam erat fermentum justo nec condimentum"

addComment(index, inputCommentValue){
ARTICLES = [...ARTICLES], ARTICLES[index].comments=[inputCommentValue];

Answer Source

assuming that data exist in component's state , then handler will look something like that

addComment(index, inputCommentValue){
    // copy array , for not mutate state
    let ARTICLES = [...this.state.ARTICLES];
    // check if comments not exist
    if(!ARTICLES[index].comments) ARTICLES[index].comments=[];
    // add new comment to array
    // update component with new articles
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