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Python Question

Is there a version of __file__ that when used in a function, will get the name of the file that uses the library?

So, as a joke I wrote a version of goto for python that I wanted to use as a library. The function I wrote for it is as follows.

def goto(loc):
exec(open(__file__).read().split("# "+str(loc))[1],globals())

This works for cases where it is in the file where goto is used, such as this:

def goto(loc):
exec(open(__file__).read().split("# "+str(loc))[1],globals())

# hi

However, if I import goto in another file, it doesn't work as


will always return the file with the function in it, not the one it is used in. Is there an equivalent of file that will allow me to import a file with the goto function in it and have it work?

Answer Source

Yes, you can if you inspect the call stack:

import inspect

def goto():
        frame = inspect.currentframe()
        # break reference cycles
        del frame


Note that the call stack is actually python implementation dependent -- So for some python interpreters, this might not actually work...

Of course, I've also shown you how to get the caller's globals (locals can be found via frame.f_back.f_locals for all of your execing needs).

Also note that it looks like you can implement a jump command by writing to the frame's f_lineno -- which might be a better way to implement your goto. I've never done this though so I can't really advise you on how to actually code it up :-)

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