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Followed git-flow model, not sure if branches are correct

I tried to follow the git-flow branching model in my Github repo.

After following the instructions, I arrived at the point of merging the

branch into the
branch. I did that with no issues, and proceeded to remove the
branch (also with no issues).

Now I'm positioned in the
branch, and when I do a
git status
it tells me there are commits that need to be pushed:

$ Your branch is ahead of Ā«origin/developĀ« by 3 commits.

These are the three commits I did on the, now merged and deleted,

At this point I'm not sure I should be getting that notice, but I
git push
anyway as
is asking me to.

Finally I got to Github and look at my network, which looks like this:

enter image description here

Is this how it these two branches are supposed to look after following the git-flow model? The green line confuses me, as I would've expected to see only two lines:

Answer Source

You expected:

  • The black line to be as it is
  • The green line to come from the far left

The unexpected:

  • I suppose you branched develop from the release branch

In this case everything will be fine if you branch the future release branches from the develop branch.

The two blue dots you see after the branching of the green line are equivalent to the green dots in the first picture of the git flow article.

If you did branch the release from the develop then the picture is really confusing because it looks like you merged the develop into the release.

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