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BubblePopupHelper filling Android Debug Log

So I noticed when I was debugging that there seems to be a tag that's repeating through my app entitled "BubblePopupHelper" with text: "isShowingBubblePopup : false"

Screenshot of the log

To my knowledge, I'm not using or causing it. Does anyone have an idea of what's going on? The application is the one I'm writing.

Upon further inspection, I did notice that every time I'm updating text (via a TextView) it displays onscreen. If there's a better way of doing so, please let me know.


Answer Source

The message seems to be logged by some SDK libraries whenever setText is called in a TextView. I get it in Android Studio developing with min API 14. One interim solution till Google removes it would be using the filtering feature of Android Studio by writing a RegEx that only includes your log messages. For example if I have all my tags start with 'Braim' then 'Braim.*' can be used

enter image description here

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