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React JSX Question

React Responsive design

I'm currently working on a React app. I consider to use

to design responsive app.

I wonder if I should use pure bootstrap library or use react-bootstrap.

And there are some libraries similar to
like react-grid-layout or react-responsive.

So what is the best library for design responsive app?
Thank you!

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There exists no perfect library for creating a responsive app. Normally the only way to achieve excellence is by dedicating a time and smart styling.

I normally recommend using flexbox instead of a 3rd party framework. It is a good place to start to achieve responsive apps, it is vanilla CSS which also works on react-native.

In case you still want to take advantage of one of those libraries, just use the one you feel more comfortable with. I have used bootstrap v3 and v4. If using React, go for react-bootstrap so you don't need jQuery as well, and save a lot of verbosity. It has a lot of community and expertise out there, so it would be a reasonable choice for any mid-term or longer project.

Hope it helps.

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