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Javascript string in array or a part - [Solved with solution]

I have a Javascript array with multiple values:

var filterClasses = ['col-sm-12', 'hidden-xs', 'hidden-sm', 'hidden-lg', 'hidden-md', 'active', 'btn-'];

I have a function that gets all css classes in the DOM. But i want to check if this class should be added to a new array or not. So i can use indexOf for this:

return filterClasses.indexOf('col-sm-12');

This returns a true, so this class should be ignored.

But now i have a class that is btn-primary. As you see in my array i have the
added in it. I want to exclude all classes that contains the word
. How can i achieve this?

Current function:

function setupShouldAddClass( cssClass, filterClasses )
// If the cssClass exists in the filterClasses then false
if ( filterClasses.indexOf(cssClass) > 0 )
return true;

filterClasses.forEach(function ( item )
if ( stringContains(item, cssClass) )
return true;

return false;

function stringContains( needle, haystack )
return (haystack.indexOf(needle) !== -1);

Answer Source

Maybe you can solve your issue using regular expressions instead of using imperative code:

var classBlackListRegExp = /(col-sm-12|hidden-xs|hidden-sm|hidden-lg|hidden-md|active|^btn-.+)/i;

var result = classBlackListRegExp.test("btn-whatever");


Check the ^btn-.+ part. This matches anything starting with "btn-".

I believe that your scenario is the ideal use case of regular expressions!

OP concerns if class black list is very large

OP said:

what im wondering is, that if i add more then 100 classes, how does this handle the line breaks?

You can join the whole array of black-listed strings and create a RegExp object with it as follows:

// I use a templated string and String.prototype.join
// to create a regular expression from a given array:
var classBlackListRegExp = new RegExp(`(${[
].join("|")})`, "i");

var result = classBlackListRegExp.test("btn-whatever");


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