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Programmatically scrolling an EditText

I'm writing a simple caesar-encryption-activity. Two EditTexts on screen, one clear-text, one crypted. Here's an example for the crypted EditText - the cleartext one is similar.

android:hint="Enter crypted text"
android:gravity="top" />

Now when entering cleartext I have an TextChangedListener running that programatically crypts and fills that crypto-EditText. So far, so good.

When the cleartext entered gets really long, the cleartext-EditText scrolls with my imput, but the crypto-EditText stays at the top of the text. I'd really like the crypto-EditText to scroll so that it always shows the bottom line of its content.

How can that be done, preferably from the onTextChanged()-Method of the TextWatcher?

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Ok, found it. It was the cursor (called Selection on EditText and TextViews).

This is how I got it to work:

ivClear    // assigned the EditText that has the input
ivCrypt    // assigned the target EditText, that I want to scroll
aText      // the input from ivClear, crypted

Then use:

    ivCrypt.setText(aText);                               // assign the Text
    ivCrypt.setSelection(ivClear.getSelectionStart());    // scroll

Phew, finally :) Always underestimated the power of the Spannable ;)

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