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Objective-C Question

I am converting NSString a=@"0x401A" into int16_t?

Why when I am trying to convert it converts hexadecimal value into integer?

unsigned int outVal;
NSScanner* scanner = [NSScanner scannerWithString:final1];
[scanner scanHexInt:&outVal];

Another way I am trying to do is converting it to normal integer it gives me 0 value.
I just want the same characters:

int16_t a=0x401A;

I am getting this number from user so dont have the control to define it myself. I want removed quotations and datatype int16_t so I can execute command.

Answer Source

I got the solution myself

first the function which converts the data into bytes

    - (NSData *)dataWithString:(NSString *)hexstring
    NSMutableData* data = [NSMutableData data];
    int idx;
    for (idx = 0; idx+2 <= hexstring.length; idx+=2) {
        NSRange range = NSMakeRange(idx, 2);
        NSString* hexStr = [hexstring substringWithRange:range];
        NSScanner* scanner = [NSScanner scannerWithString:hexStr];
        unsigned int intValue;
        [scanner scanHexInt:&intValue];
        [data appendBytes:&intValue length:1];
    return data;

and call the function by giving parameters in the command which will be sent to BLE

NSData * data = [self  dataWithString: @"401A"];
[peripheral writeValue:data forCharacteristic:characteristic                                       

Through this code anybody can sent string to BLE device. Thanks and Cheers

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