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Godaddy .net site hosting issue - No Such host is known Error

I need help on hosting my .net application to GoDaddy server since their tech team is not sure about this issue. My application was developed on and database as mysql. I compiled my application and did publish and using filezilla i transferred entire files to GoDaddy directory.

Now the application loads, the issue is seems with Database side. Whenever i try to open a page which has database interaction i am getting the following error

enter image description here

The connection string i am using to connect is marked with red box in the screen shot, there Server is GoDaddy Database server IP which i am using.

I don't know why i am getting that error. To confirm that it is not coming from application code side, i tried to connect to GoDaddy server database from my localhost. In that case the same error throws while opening db connection.

So in that case what and where will be the issue?

Can someone with previous GoDaddy hosting experience help me to identify the issue?

Is this something related to connectionstring issue?

Answer Source

This error essentially means the IP cannot be resolved to a host name.

A few things that might be going on here:

  • The external IP does not work internally in which case, you should modify your connection string so that it uses the internal host name and port if necessary (it should be available somewhere in GoDaddy).

  • You have the wrong IP and/or port. Check your connection settings.

  • You are using the wrong format for your connection string. Double check the format against the provider. I have seen connection strings for MySQL where the port is a separate argument, like this:

Connection String: Server=myServerAddress;Port=1234;Database=myDataBase;Uid=myUsername;Pwd=myPassword;

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