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How can I get the number of XML files containing a specific phrase?

I have a directory containing XML files which contain information about cartoons. For example, a cartoon can be a simple "Cartoon" or a "Cartoon Sketch" and so on.

When I apply the following command, then I get all XML files containing the phrase "Cartoon Sketch":

grep -R --files-with-matches --include="*.xml" "Cartoon Sketch" /path/to/dir | nl

But when I change the above command to get all XML files containing the word "Cartoon" as follows:

grep -R --files-with-matches --include="*.xml" "Cartoon" /path/to/dir | nl

then I get also all the files containing the phrase "Cartoon Sketch".

How can I limit the result just to files containing "Cartoon" but not "Cartoon Sketch"?

Answer Source

Add another grep -v to excludes lines matching "Sketch"

grep -R --files-with-matches --include="*.xml" "Cartoon" /path/to/dir | grep -v "Sketch" | wc -l

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