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Cannot create SSPI context

I am working on a .NET application where I am trying to build the database scripts. While building the project, I am getting an error "Cannot create SSPI context.". This error is shown in the output window (inside VS2008 screen) and the building process failed. Please help on this. SQL Server is configured to work on Windows authentication & running as network service (these two things are must for my project).

Please help on this. This error is not seems to be consistent. It was fixed in the past by restarting the machine, changing the system time to match the domain time and some suggestions in the net. Please help on this.

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Answer Source

It's quite a common error with a variety of causes: start here with KB 811889

  • What version of SQL Server?
  • And Windows on client and server?
  • Local or network SQL instance?
  • Domain or workgroup? Provider?
  • Changing password
  • Local windows log errors?
  • Any other apps affected?
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