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prepanding kernel log with u-boot log

We are using beaglebone black based custom board,

I am trying to check possibility wherein we can prepand kernel log with u-boot bootlog.

This is required because during manufacturing and programming of the board we run some tests and we need to capture the u-boot bootlog for testlog and test results which goes on serial port. As serial port is not populated on the customer board its not possible to collect the bootlog,

I found CONFIG_LOGBUFFER option for u-boot in google but i don't understand how do i use the same.

I found following links but "how to use" is not clear

can someone help understand if i am on right path or not ? Any easy explanation of the options ?

Thank you in advance!

Answer Source

Well, i couldn't achieve what i have asked in question but i could extract the log(the test log and not full SPL log).

The test log was important for us to find out test results of failed HW units during manufacturing tests.

So Solution i adopted is as follows,

  1. Along with printing results on terminal i wrote them on specific RAM locatione.g.0x80900000 from SPL.(obviously it should be done after RAM initialization.)
  2. Then from u-boot this RAM location values read and sent using tftpput. see tftpput command's usage.
  3. For uniqueness of the logfile name i used mac-id as filename set in u-boot environment variable.

I believe that we can achieve what i asked in my question but currently we are satisfied with short-term solution I have achieved :)

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