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AngularJS Question

controller from another module not working

Hey so I am having a problem trying to get my child controller working. Basically I have created 2 modules in total. 1 for handling my directives and controllers for them and another to handle my gmail side of things.

//js file
1 var gmailMod = angular.module('gmailMod', []);

gmailMod.controller('gmailCtrl',function gmailCtrl(gmailFactory){

this.authorize = function(){


var emailModule = angular.module('emailMod', ['ui.bootstrap']);

I have a third file called config that declares the dependencies

angular.module('seamysApp', ['ngRoute', 'emailMod', 'gmailMod'])

So anyways the email Mod works perfectly but when I try to declare a child controller on my button form the gmailMod

<div ng-controller="gmailCtrl">
<button ng-click="authorize()" class="btn-info" >Not authorized yet! Click here! :)</button>

Nothing works. I can't get the authorize function to work. Why is this happening does anyone know? I'm getting no errors in my console so I think it must be some logical error by me and it's difficult to find. Thanks in advance for the help.

sTx sTx
Answer Source

<div ng-controller="gmailCtrl as gCtrl"> <button ng-click="gCtrl.authorize()" class="btn-info" >Not authorized yet! Click here! :)</button> </div>

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