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Reuse fetched data in PHP and MySQL with PDO

I'm writing an accounting system with PHP and MySQL and using PDO for working with database. In the payment page, I must have 2 drop down lists from defined accounts.

At the first, I've used a simple query to fetch all records for accounts.

$sql = "SELECT id,title FROM tbl_accounts WHERE uid = ? ORDER BY title";
$q = $db->prepare($sql);

I have put fetched rows in a drop down list and everything was ok.

<select name="account_id2" class="medium" id="account_id2">
<option value="null">---</option>
while ($r = $q->fetch()) {
echo '<option value="'.$r['id'].'">'.$r['title'].'</option>';

But when I wanted to make second drop down list using fetched records, nothing have been shown. So I thought I had to create another query for it. I did it and second one made correctly.

But my question is: Can not we use fetched data more than 1 time ? If I needed 3rd drop down, I had to write another query?

Answer Source

Depending on your conditional loop, you may need to reset the array pointer using reset().


To reset a result set you can use data_seek() or built a separate array as noted in the other answers.

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