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C++ Question

Compile C++ in Eclipse?

How can I compile C++ .cpp files in the Eclipse IDE. I have CDT installed but when I try to execute it, I get a "Launch Failed. Binary not found." I do not want to install CYGWIN unless it is absolutely necessary.

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The CDT only provides you with the facilities in Eclipse to edit and understand C files. It does not, to my knowledge, incorporate a compiler (unlike the JDT).

You need to install and configure a C compiler that the CDT can use.

If you're on Linux, you'll probably already have gcc installed that you can use. The only time I ever had to install a C development environment under Windows, I actually used MinGW although you could use Cygwin since it comes with the gcc compiler as well.

I used MinGW since it's only the development suite (hence the "minimalist" in "Minimalist GNU for Windows") whereas Cygwin include all sorts of extra stuff

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