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SQL Question

How to find the sum of a column generated from a query

So, I'm im doing a ticket style database and i'm trying to find the sum of the tickets generated from this. I have attached my query below and the result of it


SELECT Price, TicketID, Ticket.TicketType
FROM Price, Ticket
WHERE Price.TicketType = Ticket.TicketType

In the picture, I am trying to get a total for all of the prices that you see in there, each ticketID is a new ticket sold. I can click the totals button in access and it puts a total below it, but I need the total done in the query, so I am wondering how I could do this.

Answer Source

First, learn to use proper join syntax. Commmas in the FROM clause are simply an archaic way to represent a join.

From what you say, you want sum():

     ON Price.TicketType = Ticket.TicketType;

This may or may not do exactly what you want. It answers the question quite specifically.

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