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JSON Question

JAVA get Byte[] nested in JSONObject

i need to get a response from a


new Emitter.Listener() {
public void call(Object... args) {

try {
JSONObject response = new JSONObject(args[0].toString());

JSONObject data = (JSONObject) response.get("data");
Object defaultResponce = data.get("default");

Log.d(TAG, defaultResponce + "");
catch (JSONException e) {

Object defaultResponce = data.get("default");
equates to a 10 character,
String "[B@ffc06c8"

The following image is the args response in the debugger. i need to get the pointed out value.
enter image description here

how do i retreive the value as it in in the debugger?

Answer Source

I think you got mixed up a bit...

Object defaultResponce = data.get("default");
Log.d(TAG, defaultResponce + "");

--> The Log.d prints the reference (defaultResponce + "" converts the byte[] to string). Is this why you think it's a string? check out if defaultResponce is an instance of byte[] or whatever you are looking for.

Anyway, you can always use reflection to get to the field you want if the standard API doesn't return what you are looking for.

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