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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Correct way to have site-wide common properties in MVC 4?

Short question: what's the proper way to have common, site-wide, properties that are:

  1. Accessible in both
    and other views

  2. Strongly typed, ie. Model.TextInUserLanguage

And at the same time still allows custom controllers to their own model?

In other words, how to tell to:

  1. Use
    by default

  2. When accessing a controller C that has its own model M / view V, apply model M to view V (while still respecting rule #1)

Long story

I created a sample MVC 4 webapp, which has the
by default


public ActionResult Index()
CommonModel Model = new CommonModel { PageTitle = "HomePage" };
return View(Model);


public abstract class BaseModel
public string AppName { get; set; }

public string Author { get; set; }

public string PageTitle { get; set; }

public string MetaDescription { get; set; }



public class CommonModel: BaseModel
public CommonModel()
AppName = Properties.Settings.Default.AppName;
Author = Properties.Settings.Default.Author;
MetaDescription = Properties.Settings.Default.MetaDescription;


@model K6.Models.BaseModel

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>@Model.PageTitle - @Model.AppName</title>

The problem is, this approach:

  1. Really feels hacky

  2. I have to change every controller in my webapp so that they use this
    in order to make
    recognize my custom properties, but at the same time this requires significant work in order to make things work when dealing HTTP Posts, showing lists, etc...

There must be other way to do this. I'm new to MVC, so what's the best way to do this about having to use

Answer Source

The first that comes to mind for me is something static

public static class ServerWideData {
    private static Dictionary<string, Data> DataDictionary { get; set; } = new Dictionary<string, Data>();

    public static Data Get(string controllerName = "") { // Could optionally add a default with the area and controller name
        return DataDictionary[controllerName];
    public static void Set(Data data, string name = "") {
        DataDictionary.Add(name, data);

    public class Data {
        public string PropertyOne { get; set; } = "Value of PropertyOne!!";
        // Add anything here

You can add data from anywhere by calling

    ServerWideData.Set(new Data() { PropertyOne = "Cheese" }, "Key for the data")

And retrieve it anywhere with

    ServerWideData.Get("Key for the data").PropertyOne // => Cheese
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