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Specifying column names in a data.frame changes spaces to "."

Let's say I have a data.frame, like so:

x <- c(1:10,1:10,1:10,1:10,1:10,1:10,1:10,1:10,1:10,1:10)
df <- data.frame("Label 1"=x,"Label 2"=rnorm(100))



Label.1 Label.2
1 1 1.9825458
2 2 -0.4515584
3 3 0.6397516

How do I get R to stop automagically replacing the space with a period in the column name? ie, "Label 1" instead of "Label.1".

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You don't.

With the space you desire the format would not satisfy the requirements for an identifier that come to play when you use df$column.1 -- that could not cope with a space. So see the make.names() function for details or an example:

> make.names(c("Foo Bar", "tic tac"))
[1] "Foo.Bar" "tic.tac"