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Ruby Question

Resolve Fixnum error

I take a param came of url:

authorization_selected = params[:authorization]
new_parcel = params[:new_parcel].to_i

puts authorization_selected.class (in the console show type String)
puts new_parcel.class (in the console show type Fixnum)


@portability = Portability.new
@portability.employee_id = authorization_selected.employee_id

Return a error:

undefined method `employee_id' for 3:Fixnum

I need that both was integer. How do it?

Answer Source

You are calling the employee_id method on authorization_selectedwhich is a String and does not provide this method. Obviously this does not work. You probably want to do

@portability = Portability.new
@portability.employee_id = authorization_selected

assuming that params[:employee] contains the employee_id and Portability is an ActiveModel or an ActiveRecord.

Perhaps you can change your form that the value can be assigned through the initializer?

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