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How has the NSIndexPath initialization changed in Swift3?

I'm trying to follow along with Apple's Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift) tutorial and have almost completed it. I have had to amend several parts of the tutorial as I'm using Xcode 8 (which I think uses Swift 3 instead of Swift 2). However, I am running into the following compiler error and I don't know why:

Argument labels (forRow:, inSection) do not match any available overloads

in the following function:

@IBAction func unwindToMealList(sender: UIStoryboardSegue) {

if let sourceViewController = sender.sourceViewController as? MealViewController, meal = sourceViewController.meal {
// Add a new meal
let newIndexPath = NSIndexPath(forRow: meals.count, inSection: 0)
tableView.insertRows(at: newIndexPath, with: .bottom)


I'm guessing that there is a different initialiser for NSIndexPath that's changed in Swift 3 but I can't find it. Am I doing something wrong?


Answer Source

NSIndexPath has been changed to IndexPath

try IndexPath(row: Int, section: Int)

API Reference : indexpath

Swift 3.0 Developer Preview

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