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Searching git diff output for specific kinds of changes

I am writing a Korn Shell script, where I am trying to iterate over specific lines in the

git diff
result of a file. For those who don't know,
git diff
lists the changes made to a file, and its output would look something like this (assuming only lines 3 and 5 changed):

unchanged line 1
unchanged line 2
- previous version of line 3
+ new version of line 3
unchanged line 4
- previous version of line 5
+ new version of line 5

I have stored this result in a string variable (say,
), and I need to iterate over each line in
beginning with a
or a
(for instance,
- previous version of line 3
). The most intuitive solution is obviously to iterate over each line in
and use something like
if line contains + or -
, but I can't do this since
is not an array of separate lines, but a string separated by
at places.

So what I end up looking for is a way to extract each part of the string between two

How do I achieve this in Korn shell? Or maybe you guys could suggest better alternatives.

Answer Source

Below approach should fit

git diff | grep '^[+-]' |  while read -r -d$'\n' line
if [ ! -z "$line" ] 
# The last line would always be empty, but cond. above is an overkill anyway
 # Do something useful with "$line"

Since you need lines starting with either + or - I have added a grep too to filter lines.

Note: used ksh 93u+ 2012-08-01 emulator found [ here ]

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