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MySqQL stored procedure call hibernate

I am trying to call a MySQL stored procedure from Java App which uses MySQL. Below is the part in DAO where i used to call the insertComm stored procedure.

String opt="REFUND";
Query query = this.getSession().createSQLQuery("CALL insertComm (:remitNo, :opt)")
.setParameter("remitNo", remitNo)
.setParameter("opt", opt);

But as i query the db and check, the SP hasn't been executed. The 'opt' value is shown as SQLQueryImpl(CALL insertComm (:remitNo, :opt))

The parameter is okay and application is not showing error also. I cant see what i missed.

Answer Source

Unfortunately you can't call a Stored Procedure using Session.createSQLQuery(). As the name suggests it allows to create a SQL Query. A procedure call is not a query.

But fear not, the work around is this.

Connection conn = getSession().connection();
CallableStatment stat = conn.prepareCall("{CALL insertComm (?,?)}");
stat.setString(1, remitNo); // Assuming both parameters are String
stat.setString(2, opt);

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