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JSON Question

read JSON using angular2

I have problem with json\object I'M trying to pull the data out from it and I failed.

I have this API that I pull my data from:

I have placed it on variable

If i want to get to object paramater date,base,rate like below:

calc(details) {
let results = [this.networkServices.getCurrency(details)]; // object is here "getCurrency deal with the GET request.

I get the error code:

[02:58:36] transpile update started ...
[02:58:38] typescript: D:/ionic/firstApp/src/pages/currency/currency.ts, line: 19
Property 'base' does not exist on type 'Promise<any>[]'.

L18: let results = [this.networkServices.getCurrency(details)];
L19: alert(results.base);

[02:58:38] transpile update failed

Its feel weird that I can't pull the data out, what could it be?

get currency function

console.log("function fired!")
let url = `${obj.selectedCurrency}`;
return this.http.get(url).toPromise().then(res => res.json());

Answer Source

The service request is asynchronous so the result of the request is a Promise that resolves to an object, not the object itself. Try something like this:

this.networkServices.getCurrency(details).then(result => alert(result))
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