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XCode 8 Stuck on Running 2 of 4 Custom Shell Script

Xcode is taking about 7 minutes to run my build my app on my phone. I am having this problem with 3 different apps all with Fabric and CocoPods installed. I have turned

to none. The only common cocopod is Alimo fire. Below are my custom shell scripts:

enter image description here

enter image description here

It is becoming a huge pain to test anything on my device. I can run errands and be back home before it finishes building. I have on a mac pro so system resources are not the issue. Thanks!

Edit 1

It looks like the
[CP] Embed Pods Framewords
is taking the longest

Answer Source

It had over 1200 appleid certificates, so it was taking a while to sign the cocopods. To fix:

  1. Open keychain

  2. Click Certificates

  3. Search appleid

  4. Select all CMD-A

  5. Press delete

Reference: XCode 7.3.1 hangs on "copying swift standard libraries"

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