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How to do spell-checking throughout my project in android studio

I am spell checking my project which is developed with android studio. I have multiple files to check spelling. I mean multiple string resource files and a few layouts(I know its a bad practive to have strings directly in layout, but had a little usage and previously developed).

Is there a way to find the find only the misspelled words? (like we do
find a word in whole project). I searched a lot and didnt find any solution.

thanks in advance

Note : My project is developed only for English. I don't use any other languages

Answer Source

If I understood you correctly, then you want to find the words, that you misspelled (write incorrectly) in your project.

To do this you can:

  1. In main menu of Android Studio: Analyze - Inspect code - select Whole project - click OK
  2. In tha analyse results find Spelling
  3. Inside it there will typically be 1 subitem - Typo
  4. Inside it you sill find all found possible typos (misspelling) over the progect including method\variale names as well as typos in the string resources.
  5. String resource typos can be found under the module name folders.
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