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How to disable Git Credential Manager for Windows?

I notice that in the latest version of Git, the default is now to popup a "Git Credential Manager for Windows" dialog instead of prompting me for me password at the bash prompt every time. I really hate this behaviour. How can I just disable it and go back to entering the password at the bash shell every time?

By the way, I don't want git caching my credentials in any way, whether through Windows credentials or some internal daemon. I want to disable all credential caching.

Jez Jez
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OK I discovered that you need to either AVOID checking the "Git Credential Manager" checkbox during the Git for Windows installer, or (after installation) run bash shell as Administrator and use git config --edit --system to remove the helper = manager line so that it is no longer registered as a credential helper.

For bonus points, use git config --edit --global and insert:

    askpass =

To disable the OpenSSH credentials popup too.

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