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Functional programming in C++11, F# style

I've been looking at the new features in C++11 and it really looks like it will be possible to program in a very functional programming style using it. I've gotten use to using the types List, Seq, Array in F# and I see no reason why their members couldn't be ported into some sort of C++11 template. What problems or advantages do you see in using C++11 vs something like F# for a mixed functional programming style? Maybe the Boost guys will make a new

once C++11 comes out.

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The biggest problem with trying to program in a functional style in C++ is that it does not support tail recursion. In a functional language you don't have to worry about stack explosion when you tail recurse correctly, but in C++ you always have to worry about that. Therefore, many "functional" type algorithms will be clumsy or heavy.

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