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Sql server gives different result for the same mathematical calculation


Query :

(ISNULL(TRY_CONVERT(NUMERIC(38, 14), '123456789.34554563453524'), 0)
ISNULL(try_convert(NUMERIC(38, 14), '456789876.34556345345353'), 0))/100.0

Result :



The above query I have modified to :

SELECT (123456789.34554563453524 * 456789876.34556345345353) / 100.0

But the result is :


Here, the Step1 query result has truncated the decimals at some point.

How to re-write it to get the exact number (563938115391720.660302253145411988) I got for Step2 query.

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Answer Source

This is exactly as predicted by decimal precision. See T-SQL Decimal Division Accuracy

Numbers with decimal points are interpreted as NUMERIC in SQL Server to the exact precision shown. Not float. In this case decimal (23, 14)

In the first example they are decimal (38, 14)

Same result when using the same precision with explicit CONVERTs to the same datatype

(ISNULL(TRY_CONVERT(NUMERIC(23, 14), '123456789.34554563453524'), 0) 
ISNULL(try_convert(NUMERIC(23, 14), '456789876.34556345345353'), 0))/100.0


Note, the 100.0 is decimal(4,1) in this case too

Final words: this is long division that used to be taught at school after some precision changes because of the 38/23 difference in the multiplication

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