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Upload large database file to live server

I have 1GB database that needs to be uploaded to my dev server(phpmyadmin). Is there any solution upload? Please do help me by providing the steps to upload the mysql file. i can't use SQlyog,Putty because i have just cpanel information.

Answer Source

Another good option with nice interface is Sypex Dumper. Free version is enough for your needs.

How to use:

  1. Upload /sxd/ folder to your site.

  2. Upload database dump into /sxd/backup/ folder. I know you can't use ssh, but surely ftp transfers must be available for your plan.

  3. Open folder, login with MySQL credentials.

  4. Click "Import" button in upper left corner.

  5. Choose database to where you want to restore dump.

  6. Charset - set necessary or leave auto

  7. File - in this select field there will be files that are uploaded to /sxd/backup/. Choose necessary.

  8. Press "Execute" button in lower right corner.

  9. Wait for import process to finish. Note: sometimes progress bar may show incorrect percentage (i.e. 100% from the start).

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