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Jacoco report in command line

I have to write a .sh launching an UI application covered with Jacoco. On exit, a jacoco report must be generated.

I'm not able to generate the jacoco.exec with this simple command :

java -jar ../binaries/editor.debug/application.jar -javaagent:/atgl/products/jacoco/0.6.3/lib/jacocoagent.jar=destfile=jacoco.exec

The first part of the command works fine and launch the program, but the -javaagent option doesn't generate report and the program doesn't launch.
If I do a syntax error it's exactly the same behavior.

What's wrong with my command ?

Secondly, this command create a .exec file. How can I generate a .html report in command line ?

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The problem was the position of the -javaagent option. It needed to be in first position, like this :

java -javaagent:/atgl/products/jacoco/0.6.3/lib/jacocoagent.jar=destfile=jacoco.exec -jar ../binaries/editor.debug/application.jar

Then as Godin said, it's not possible to generate report in command line. I created an ant file exectoreport.xml with a rule do_jacoco_reports. The rule is launched by a script, that must be called after the natural exit of the application.