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Javascript Question

How to parse Excel file in Javascript/HTML5

I am able to read Excel file via

but it outputs text as well as weird characters with it. I need to read
file row-wise, read data in every column and convert it to JSON.

Does anyone know how to read xls file row by row.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Answer Source

Below Function converts the Excel sheet (XLSX format) data to JSON. you can add promise to the function.

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

var ExcelToJSON = function() {

this.parseExcel = function(file){
    var reader = new FileReader();

    reader.onload = function(e){
        var data =;
        var workbook =, {type : 'binary'});

            // Here is your object
            var XL_row_object = XLSX.utils.sheet_to_row_object_array(workbook.Sheets[sheetName]);
            var json_object = JSON.stringify(XL_row_object);



    reader.onerror = function(ex){


Below post has the code for XLS format Excel to JSON javascript code?

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