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Merge date and time columns

Currently I have 2 columns one that holds dates and the other holds the time (24hr text version).


a_dt a_time_text
01-Jan-15 0224
31-Mar-15 0317
15-Sep-15 2010

How do I create a new column that hold the date and time, like this:

01-Jan-15 02:24
31-Mar-15 03:17
15-Sep-15 20:10

Or any other way so that I can find the difference in date/time between another variable.

Answer Source

You can do this:

   ( to_char (a_dt,'YYYYMMDD')
        || a_time_text,

i.e. first convert the date column to a string - to_char (a_dt,'YYYYMMDD'), then append the time string, then convert the resulting string back to a date.