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Is there a way to prevent bean overriding with Spring Boot?

With Spring's AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext, I am able to force Spring to fail if there is a conflict in Bean IDs or circular references by setting a couple of flags and refreshing the context like so:

AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext refreshableContext;

However, Spring Boot returns a ConfigurableApplicationContext which is not an instance of AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext and does not appear to have any means to prevent bean definition overriding or circular references.

Does anyone know of a way and have an example of how to prevent these types of conflicts?

For context, this is for a large project that has a mix of annotated and xml defined beans. The version of Spring Boot used is 1.3.1.RELEASE. There have been some cases where folks added duplicate bean definitions in the xml, but the application started up fine and wasn't immediately apparent the original bean was overridden until run-time issues started occurring.

The goal here is to prevent the application from event starting up if such a conflict occurs. From various forums I know Spring IDE can detect these, but the desire is to enforce this in the CI build which is a stronger safety net.

After some searching, I can't find any support for this in the context that Sprint Boot returns. If this can't be done through the context, is there a different solution available?

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

You may use an initializer when building your Spring Boot app:

public class SpringBootApp {

    public static void main(String... args) {
        new SpringApplicationBuilder(SpringBootApp.class)
            .initializers(new ApplicationContextInitializer<GenericApplicationContext>() {
                public void initialize(GenericApplicationContext applicationContext) {


Or with java 8:

new SpringApplicationBuilder(SpringBootApp.class)
    .initializers((GenericApplicationContext c) -> c.setAllowBeanDefinitionOverriding(false) )
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