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OctoberCMS Ajax Form still Submits after pressing Cancel

I'm using OctoberCMS based on Laravel.

I have an Ajax checkbox form that uses Twig markup.

When you click the Delete button, it prompts with a popup asking to confirm. But if I press cancel, it still submits. However this was working before I switched to Twig/Ajax, but I need that to handle requests a regular form can't do.

{{ form_open() }}

<input type="checkbox" name="delete_queued[]" value="{{ }}" />

<button data-request="onDelete" onclick="return confirm('Delete All Checked?');return false;">Delete Checked</button>

{{ form_close() }}

is a php function, it works fine. It's the
that is not working correctly.

I have tried to use the function outside of
, with same result:

<button data-request="onDelete" onclick="confirmDelete()">Delete Checked</button>

<script type="text/javascript">
function confirmDelete() {
if (confirm("Delete All Checked?")) {
//submit php data-request
return false;

I have also tried to use
instead of
return false

Answer Source

I think this might be because you're mixing the Data attributes API and the JavaScript API.

Instead, pick one and it should work:

{{ form_open() }}

    <input type="checkbox" name="delete_queued[]" value="{{ }}" />

    <button data-request="onDelete" data-request-confirm="Delete All Checked?">Delete Checked</button>

{{ form_close() }} 
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