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SSRS Report Builder: Creating text color expression based on textbox value?

Is it possible to have SSRS look at the value of a text box after calculating it, and then apply an expression to determine the color of the text?

More specifically, I have a lot of different text boxes that contain custom formulas to calculate percentages. Normally, I would create an IIF statement in the text color expression builder like this:

IIF([complex formula]<0,"RED","GREEN").

This works fine, but when you have a ton of these textboxes, each with different formulas, it would be much more efficient to just copy one standard color expression into them like this:


Are expressions like this possible in SSRS?

Answer Source

The answer is yes, if you are using a very recent version of SSRS:

=IIF(Me.Value < 0,"Red","Green")

Link to original article here

Hope that helps.

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