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C# Question

Serializing strings containing apostrophes with JSON.Net

I am using JSON.Net as my serializer for a large MVC 3 web application in c# and the Razor view engine. For the initial page load in one view, there is a large amount of JSON dumped inside a script tag using


The problem is that some values of some objects contain apostrophes (think names like O'Brien), which JSON.Net is not escaping or encoding in any way.

It's not an option to pre-encode the values stored in the database because that vastly complicates various other processes.

Is there a way to force JSON.Net to HTML encode the values of the objects that it serializes, the same way that the built-in JavaScriptSerializer does when you call
? Or, is there a way to deal with this in the view?

Answer Source

Though there are some cases wherein you might want to drop some JSON into your page as a JavaScript string, or an HTML attribute value, most often what you'd do is simply include it directly into JavaScript source, because JSON is valid JavaScript syntax after all.

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