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Detect if string contains any spaces

How do I detect if a string has any whitespace characters?

The below only detects actual space characters. I need to check for any kind of whitespace.

if(str.indexOf(' ') >= 0){
console.log("contains spaces");

Answer Source

What you have will find a space anywhere in the string, not just between words.

If you want to find any kind of whitespace, you can use this, which uses a regular expression:

if (/\s/.test(str)) {
    // It has any kind of whitespace

\s means "any whitespace character" (spaces, tabs, vertical tabs, formfeeds, line breaks, etc.), and will find that character anywhere in the string.

According to MDN, \s is equivalent to: [ \f\n\r\t\v​\u00a0\u1680​\u180e\u2000​\u2001\u2002​\u2003\u2004​\u2005\u2006​\u2007\u2008​\u2009\u200a​\u2028\u2029​​\u202f\u205f​\u3000].

For some reason, I originally read your question as "How do I see if a string contains only spaces?" and so I answered with the below. But as @CrazyTrain points out, that's not what the question says. I'll leave it, though, just in case...

If you mean literally spaces, a regex can do it:

if (/^ *$/.test(str)) {
    // It has only spaces, or is empty

That says: Match the beginning of the string (^) followed by zero or more space characters followed by the end of the string ($). Change the * to a + if you don't want to match an empty string.

If you mean whitespace as a general concept:

if (/^\s*$/.test(str)) {
    // It has only whitespace

That uses \s (whitespace) rather than the space, but is otherwise the same. (And again, change * to + if you don't want to match an empty string.)

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