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Plotting a column containing lists using Pandas

I have a dataframe (df) containing several columns and two of them store a list in each row:

Index list1 list2
A [ 0.09173306 0.12331911 0.20057651 ] [ 0.3128322 0.27153913 ]
D [ 0.03861522 0.10524985 ] [ 0.37265687 0.48347806 ]
E [ 0.02124905 0.01149118 ] [ 0.04348405 0.17057435 0.37838683 0.37481453 ]

I would like to plot these lists as bar graphs using


df.list1.apply(lambda x:x[0]).plot(kind='bar', width=0.9, ax=bar_ax)

I can plot the first element of each list. However, trying

df.list1.plot(kind='bar', width=0.9, ax=bar_ax)

results in the following error:

Empty 'DataFrame': no numeric data to plot

What I would like to do is, (1) plot both list into one single plot like so:

df[['list1','list2']].plot(kind='bar', width=0.9, ax=bar_ax)

And (2) also plot the first elements of each list only into one single bar plot, which I can do like this:

df.list1.apply(lambda x:x[0]).plot(kind='bar', width=0.9, ax=bar_ax, color='blue')
df.list2.apply(lambda x:x[0]).plot(kind='bar', width=0.9, ax=bar_ax, color='red')

However, this results in the bars being plotted on top of each other (not stacked!) - I want to have them grouped.

Answer Source

Consider this DF containing values as lists as shown:

df = pd.DataFrame({'list1': np.random.randint(0, 10, (5,2)).tolist(), 
                   'list2': np.random.randint(0, 10, (5,3)).tolist()}, 


Q-1 Plot both list into one single plot:

Unstack the DF to make the column names appear as index and make individual values present in the list to individual series objects.

df_lists = df[['list1','list2']].unstack().apply(pd.Series),, fontsize=8, width=0.7, figsize=(8,4))


Q-2 Plot the first elements of each list only into one single grouped bar plot:

Use DF.applymap to select first element of the required columns to obtain the grouped bar plot.

df[['list1','list2']].applymap(lambda x: x[0]), color=list('br'))


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