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Zeoslib in Delphi xe5 installation

I am trying to install zeoslib in Delphi xe5 with no success.

I keep getting a

Ambiguous overloaded call to Char Inset
error when I try to compile or build the project.

I use zeoslib to connect to remote MySQL databases with my desktop application.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and Delphi XE 5.

I have not found any information on how to install it in XE 5, so any help will be appreciated.

The site's main link as i understand is

Answer Source

I have Found the answer.

the installer should be downloaded from the site as explained here:

After downloading Install into IDE gives an error that a package: ZFastCode in '..\..\src\core\ZFastCode.pas' does not exist Remove that line from the unit as explained here:

Build and compile and install then you should be ready to go.

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