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Parameters for the Firebase event VIEW_ITEM isn't displayed (iOS)

I'm trying to track an event with Firebase Analytics using VIEW_ITEM

//EVENT select POST
FIRAnalytics.logEvent(withName: kFIREventViewItem, parameters: [
kFIRParameterItemID :"post",
kFIRParameterItemName :(!,
kFIRParameterItemCategory :"post",
kFIRParameterQuantity : UserDefaults.standard().integer(forKey: "nbReadPost")

I can see the event displayed in the data, but when I click on it to see more details, all the data about the parameters (name, category, quantity...) aren't displayed. I have just the default data.

However I don't use custom parameters.

(FYI : my account is linked to big query)


Answer Source

Firebase does currently not support parameter reports for view_item, this can be read here:!topic/firebase-talk/W9w-YKkW4fc

They are planning a support...

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