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PHP Question

pull all images from a specified directory and then display them

how to display the image from a specified directory? like i want to display all the png images from a directory, in my case my directory is media/images/iconized.

i tried to look around but seems none of them fits what i really needed.

but here's my try.

$dirname = "media/images/iconized/";
$images = scandir($dirname);
$ignore = Array(".", "..");
foreach($images as $curimg){
if(!in_array($curimg, $ignore)) {
echo "<img src='media/images/iconized/$curimg' /><br>\n";

hope someone here could help. Im open in any ideas, recommendation and suggestion, thank you.

Answer Source

you can use glob for this

$dirname = "media/images/iconized/";
$images = glob($dirname."*.png");
foreach($images as $image) {
echo '<img src="'.$image.'" /><br />';
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