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MVC empty query string paramater strange behaviour

I'm trying to implement search by passing the keyword to controller action as a parameter as shown below:

public ActionResult Index(string query)
var contacts = _unitOfWork.Contacts.GetContacts(_user.Id, query);
var viewModel = contacts.Select(Mapper.Map<Contact, ContactViewModel>);
return View("Index", viewModel);

function in the repository looks like the following:

public IEnumerable<Contact> GetContacts(int userId, string query = null)
var list = _context.Contacts
.Where(c => c.UserId == userId)
.OrderBy(c => c.FirstName)

if (query != null)
list = list.Where(c => c.FirstName.ToLower().Contains(query.ToLower())
|| c.LastName.ToLower().Contains(query.ToLower()));

return list.ToList();

When I navigate to
, I get an empty list. Having stepped through the code it is apparent that the
parameter is converted to an empty string value.
To ensure the search works, I have the following tests and all of them pass:


In particular, the following test runs the function with empty string, which also passes successfully.

public void GetContacts_SearchWithEmptyString_ShouldReturnAllContacts()
var contactList = new List<Contact>()
// Construct new contact with first and last name and associated user id.
new Contact("e", "b",_userId ),
new Contact("c", "b",_userId ),
new Contact("a", "b",_userId ),
new Contact("d", "b",_userId )


var result = _repository.GetContacts(_userId, "");


I have 3 contacts in the database and I can see all of them when I don't pass the query parameter. I would appreciate if you could point out why the controller action returns an empty list.

Answer Source

When you pass an empty string to the query parameter, the condition if(query!=null) fails and the line below that

list = list.Where(c => c.FirstName.ToLower().Contains(query.ToLower())
            || c.LastName.ToLower().Contains(query.ToLower()));

gets executed, which checks the database for an entry with empty string in the LastName. This condition never gets satisfied and hence your list gets overridden with an empty list.